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Accelerated Reader Bookfinder
Library Schedule 2021-2022
8:00MDE/Canvas AssignmentsA1 Daniels PKA5 A.Robinson PKA1 Daniels PKA5 A.Robinson PK8:00
8:30 B1 Garrett PKB5 Barker PKB1 Garrett PKB5 Barker PK8:30
Collection Development
(includes new
entries, barcoding,
and shelving.)
Collection Development
E3 Vance PKE2 Parker PKE3 Vance PKE2 Parker PK9:00
9:30E5 Jones PKE4 Devine PKE2 Jones KE4 Devine PK9:30
10:00B4 Duncan M3-6B3 Askew M3-6B4 Duncan M3-6B3 Askew M3-610:00
10:30B2 Strickland M3-6A2 King M3-6B2 Strickland M3-6A2 King M3-610:30
11:00A4 Elder M3-6A3 Sills M3-6A4 Elder M3-6A3 Sills M3-611:00
12:00D3 Abney M6-9D2 Bozeman M6-9D5 Stitt M6-9D4 A Robinson M6-9D1 Minc M6-912:00
12:30     12:30
Open Library
for Collaborative
Learning or
C1 Warren M9-12C2 Gladney M9-12C3 Curtis M9-12AR Support/Open Library1:00
1:30    1:30
2:00    2:00
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A Boeing 747s wingspan is longer than the Wright brother's first flight.

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